How do we help you with Embryo Pooling?

The pooled IVF, also known as embryo pooling, is a treatment where you may need to go through more than 2 ovarian stimulation. We follow some steps for the embryo pooling process.
  • When we begin the embryo pooling treatment, embryos remain in a frozen state. They are at the early stage of embryonic development.
  • While these embryos have reached a particular stage, we need to grow the frozen ones together with other embryos.
  • We need to pool the cryo-preserved embryos before starting the Pre-implantation Genetic Screening process.

By this time, we have enough embryos to cycle. We can do Pre-implantation Genetic Screening to find normal embryos having high-quality chromosomes.

The embryo pooling process is comparatively affordable. You can avoid the risk of abnormal embryos (Aneuploids). Due to your natural aging process, you can find an increase in the number of aneuploids. For this reason, women above 40 cannot get pregnant. But, this double simulation and embryo pooling technique result in pregnancy.

However, patients whose ovarian reserve is normal can avoid the embryo pooling technique. Furthermore, the process will not be effective when your IVF simulation process has resulted in low-quality embryos. Our clinicians at New Hope will check your issues and decide on the process.

Benefits of Double Stimulation

Our modern double ovarian simulation strategy will help you to become pregnant within the shortest time. It is one of the advantages of undergoing the treatment. Patients with poor ovarian response have shown a positive response to this treatment. They have obtained a higher number of oocytes and better quality embryos.

Visit our clinic and let us know your symptoms of Poor Ovarian Response. We would like to listen to your issue and decide on the right fertility treatment. After a successful diagnosis, our clinicians will assess the chance of becoming pregnant with embryo pooling.