Why Choose Egg Freezing?

  • Medical Egg Freezing: In multiple medical conditions, the treatment will stimulate the insufficiency of the ovarian follicles. Through this procedure, stimulation of ovaries, egg extraction and vitrification are the main preference.
  • Social Egg Freezing: This method acts as an alternative backup for women suffering from advanced age infertility. As society is developing, more women are opting for delayed childbirth when the natural rate of pregnancy is likely to be lower.
With this method, they can become mothers at an advanced maternal age as productively as the time of egg freezing was conducted.

Who are the right candidates for Egg Freezing?

  • If your age is below 39.
  • You have had severe diseases like cancer.
  • You want to concentrate on your academic or career.
  • You are yet to find your life partner.

What are the steps of the Egg Freezing procedure?

Preliminary Consultation

It is important to consult everything beforehand that may affect the procedure. It includes family history, age, ovarian failure, cancer, early menopause and other vital conditions.

  1. The preliminary consultation involves life goal discussion, expectation and a full description of the process.
  2. Our fertility experts help you train with the procedure.
  3. After discussing everything in detail, we perform ultrasound and blood tests,including anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) or antral follicle count (AFC), to evaluate the level of fertility. This will also specify the egg count that will need to freeze andthe number of egg freezing cycles needed to obtain.

Stimulate the Ovaries

  1. After consultation and primary testing, ovarian stimulation is performed using drugs to increase the eggs count for retrieval.
  2. The female patient conducts the inserting of the hormonal injections themselves under the training of our experts.
  3. After that, our experts monitor the female patient regularly throughout this period to determine the response of ovaries after injection.

Eggs Retrieval

Once the ovaries produce an adequate amount of eggs for retrieval, our experts carry out a minor non-interventional procedure under mild sedation. They insert the needle through the vaginal wall to extract the follicular fluid in the ovaries containing eggs. The process lasts for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Vitrification and Cryopreserved

  1. After egg retrieval, they are cultivated in the lab to mature and then frozen using vitrification.
  2. Once the eggs freeze successfully, they get cryopreserved in our centre for use whenever you are willing to bear a child.