Who are the right candidates for IUI?

  • Women with ovulation problems, like hypothalamic and PCOS patients
  • Women having infertility issues
  • Women with cervical mucus incompatibility or cervical stenosis
  • Male with less sperm count or low motility
  • Men with ejaculatory dysfunction and minor semen abnormalities
  • Anyone who looks for donor sperm

IUI- A brief about the procedure

  1. The first step is the preparation of the semen sample. Your partner needs to provide the sample at the doctor’s clinic.
  2. The doctor will thaw and prepare the frozen donor sperm. Nonsperm elements can be removed as they affect fertilization and react to the women’s body.
  3. Another vital step is sperm washing, which separates low-quality sperm from the active and normal ones. The presence of healthy sperm will increase the potential to get pregnant.
  4. You have to lie down while our doctor opens your vagina gently using a speculum.
  5. Then, our physician places the sperm in your uterus. When the sperm starts fertilizing eggs, you will get pregnant, and these eggs implant in your uterus lining.
  6. You may feelslight discomfort during the process.
  7. Our doctors know that timing is one of the crucial factors for IUI. They constantly check for ovulation signs. Indeed, you can use an at-home ovulation predictor kit. However, we use an advanced imaging method to check egg growth in your ovaries.
  8. We can start IUI after 1 to 2 days of identifying ovulation.

Any risk from IUI?

Although IUI is a safe process, you may have a few side effects

  1. Infection after undergoing the procedure
  2. A slight vaginal bleeding at the time of inserting the catheter into your uterus.
  3. There is a low risk of multiple pregnancies, which result in the birth of twins and triplets.
Our physicians may prescribe fertility drugs while providing the IUI treatment. It helps us in increasing the success rate of the treatment. The IUI cost is also low compared to other available infertility treatments. Consult with our doctors and know the effectiveness of this innovative procedure in treating your infertility problems.